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Coluracetam 20mg (30 capsules, 30 servings)

Coluracetam is one the newer Racetam in the family. It is a fat soluble nootropics and it primarily functions as a choline uptake enhancer that influences the memory system selectively. Coluracetam appears to associate with a mechanism known as high affinity choline uptake (HACU). Increasing the HACU levels appears to improve cholinergic neuron function, so it’s a desired target for cognitive enhancement. It displays anxiolytic qualities that help boost mood and soothe anxiety.



How to take Coluracetam??

  • 20-40mg per day or 1-2 capsules of 20mg
  • Take with a fatty acid supplement or food

Stacks well with: Choline sources (Alpha GPC, CDP Choline)


  • Better focus and concentration
  •  Better learning and memory
  •  Restore long term memory and improve working memory
  •  Improves memorization and recall abilities
  •  Enhances reading comprehension

Half life: 3 hours



1 review for Coluracetam

  1. RjD

    This racetam can be used for focus, and it also makes colors more vivid and somehow enhances sounds so this is great for those who love musics / arts

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