L- Arginine


L-Arginine (100 capsules, 100 servings)

Arginine, also known as L- Arginine is an amino acid that helps the body to build protein. L- Arginine is also found in foods like fish, red meat, poultry, beans, soy, etc. As the L- Arginine changes from amino acid to nitric oxide (NO), it becomes a neurotransmitter that helps improve the circulation and releases the blood vessels. L- Arginine may help improve blood flow which eventually may help with erectile dysfunction.



How to take L- Arginine?

  • Can be taken up to 3 times daily or 3 time daily of 500 mg capsule daily (1.5 g daily)


  • May help with erectile dysfunction
  • May help with improve athletic performance
  • May heal wounds and build muscles

Half life: 1-2 hours


  • DO NOT take 9 grams daily as side effects may occur
  • Avoid L- Arginine if you have asthma, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney disease, low blood pressure
  • DO NOT take with Sildenafil, medicines that increase blood flow and high blood pressure as it may have negative interactions



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