Caffeine plus L-theanine (Guarana Extract)

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Caffeine 100 mg plus L theanine 200 mg (60 capsules, 30 servings)

Caffeine plus L-theanine is a popular stack among nootropic users. Caffeine is an anti-sleep compound from coffee beans. It prevents atagonizing adenosine, the receptors causing sedation and relaxation, and results to alertness and wakefulness. Caffeine alone, though it is great for focus and concentration, may give you jittery feels. L-theanine promotes relaxation that aviod the jittery feels in caffeine. Caffeine plus L-theanine work synergistically that gives a relaxed but alert state that results for a more productive work.



How to take Caffeine plus L-theanine?

  • Take on a ratio of 2:1 of L-theanine and Caffeine (200 mg of L-theanine and 100 mg of Caffeine)
  • Take one capsule when needed


  • Promotes wakefulness
  • Enhance focus
  • Improve memory
  • Boost mood
  • Use to improve physical strength

Half life:

  • Caffeine (on 100 mg) – 5 hours
  • L-theanine (on 100 mg) – 3 hours

Note: Habitual intake of Caffeine may lead to tolerance. Effects of Caffeine will be diminished because of the tolerance. Take a break on taking Caffeine to reduce tolerance.


2 reviews for Caffeine plus L-theanine (Guarana Extract)

  1. RjD

    Caffeine and L-theanine works well with each other and I can recommend this as you get both of them in 1 capsule, caffeine works as a stimulant while l-theanine suppresses the effects of caffeine reducing unwanted palpitations or jittery feelings

  2. sainteve05678

    I used to take bulletproof coffee in the morning but it takes a while to prepare especially if you have a hectic schedule. Good thing I found this combo that is way more convenient and quick. I just take one in the morning when I wake up so I get the effects a few minutes and my day is off to a start. After about an hour, I drink some bulletproof coffee so I can last for a a few hours without eating anything. Then stack it with my go to nootropic, Modafinil. This is the best combo, in my experience. Caffeine + Ltheanine + Modafinil and sometimes Magnesium too to help promote a soothing feeling, negating the jitters you get from the caffeine. You feel awake and alert without the jitters. You also get that mental clarity and energy from the coffee but with a calming effect from the Ltheanine. Quick pros and cons in my experience:

    Quick and easy boost in the morning (Compared to making coffee)
    Well balanced stack (Ltheanine negates the jitters you get from caffeine)
    Increased alertness / wakefulness
    All the perks of drinking coffee without the coffee breath haha


    Jitters (When taken in large doses)
    Palpitations (In large doses ansssd wrong nootropic stacks)

    Caffeine + Ltheanine works really well for my current nootropic stack. Added with half a dose of Modafinil and magnesium + GABA and vitamins D and C and sometimes a cup of bulletproof coffee and I’m good to go. Highly recommended for people who get jittery from coffee alone and for those who have a hectic schedule. Just pop a pill and just like that you get the mental clarity and alertness you get from coffee in less than 5 seconds.

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