Turkey Tail Mushroom


Turkey Tail Mushroom 500 mg (Trametes Versicolor) (60 capsules, 60 servings)

Turkey Tail Mushroom (Trametes Versicolor) is a traditional Chinese medicine used as a treatment for pulmonary conditions. It is known in China as Yun Zhi and Kawaratake in Japan. It is named as Turkey Tail because its appearance looks like a feathered tailed of a turkey. It is full of antioxidants like phenols and flavaniods which reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Turkey Tail also contains prebiotics which can help maintain helpful bacteria to enhance gut health.



How to take Turkey Tail Mushroom?

  • 1-2 times a day


  •  Reduce stress and inflammation
  • Strengthen the health of immune system
  • May suppress certain types of cancers/acts as cancer adjunct therapy for the immune system
  • Promotes healthy gut

Note: Anyone with mushroom or mold allergy should not take Turkey Tail Mushroom


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