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Modalert is a Modafinil manufactured by SunPharmaceuticals

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7 reviews for Modalert

  1. archie.luna (verified owner)

    Since switching Modafinil brands, what I instantly noticed about Modalert is that I do not experience getting headaches any more unlike the former brand I was using. The motivation and desire to accomplish tasks is there as always, just lesser of the negative side effects. I’m definitely sticking to this brand and seller.

  2. katbrimple (verified owner)

    Been using Modalert and Waklert for years, both help me focus on my tasks especially when I have multiple projects on hand. Even if I stay up almost 24 hours I don’t get any dizziness or migraines, I can’t imagine working now without both of these.

  3. morelos_paolo

    I’ve had Modalert before and I feel like I can work 12 hours straight without any distractions.

  4. RjD

    Been buying Modalert from Nootropicsnowph, modafinil is effective and has somewhat the same effect as ingesting caffeine ( without caffeine ) , been using it as an alternative since I’ve a huge tolerance for caffeine and I wanted the buzz feeling. I recommend Modalert for those that has an active lifestyle or for that needs to do alot of tasks, it gives you somewhat the mental clarity and it makes you more focused than ever, everything feels like heightened and you somehow feel more neutral and more serious.

  5. joshuavill2008

    I’ve ordered this product from this store and received the product in good condition with free shipping. I guarantee that they provide pleasant customer service and send notifications to their customers regarding their new products and promos.

  6. sainteve05678

    I’ve been taking Modafinil now for more than a year since I stumbled upon it on Dave Asprey’s podcast. So I did a bit of researching for local stores that sell Moda. Luckily there’s this page Nootropics Now PH that I found on FB and I immediately inquired. They’re very accomodating and knowledgable when it comes to their products especially nootropics so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s my experience.

    The first time I tried Modafinil, it was a bit too much for me. A whole tablet is way too overwhelming for me. Which is a noob mistake when it comes to nootropics now that I’ve had a fair amount of experience taking them. I should’ve taken a small dose first. Maybe half or a quarter of a dose just to gauge the effects / side effects. Luckily, they gave me a free bottle of LTheanine, which upon research, is a good combo with modafinil. It helps promote a relaxed and calm effect on the mind which helps mitigate some of the jitter you get with modafinil (at least in my experience) The sweet spot for me is a tablet of Ltheanine and half a tablet of Modafinil.

    Once I found the right dosage for me, everything fell into place. Mentally and physically. I am more awake and alert. More focused on tasks and more productive. Boring / tedious tasks now seem easy. The only drawback I found aside from palpitations is that, I kind of get too focused on my current task instead of multitasking. If I’m recording a track for a project, when I’m on Modafinil, I have to finish the track first before I do anything else and that is a good thing. I just get a little irritable when I’m interrupted while I’m in the zone. Another benefit is that i don’t feel groggy after taking Modafinil. I used to have sevee brain fog before I stumbled upon this nootropic. It is also of great help when trying to pull-off an all nighter.

    Here’s a quick list of the pros and cons in my experience:


    Mental clarity
    Reduced Brain fog
    Quick response
    Better decision making
    A sense of calm and confidence
    Increased productivity

    Palpitations (When dosage is high)
    Jitters (When taken on an empty stomach and stacked with high caffeine)
    Sleeplessness (When taken late at night)
    Irritability (When blood sugar drops)

    All in all, so far, so good. The experience has been great. Their staff is really accomodating when it comes to inquries. A little research and a bit of trial and error to get the right dosage for you will go a long way. I’m taking modafinil now whenever I work. During days off I try to refrain from taking it just to give my body and brain a break. I take this in the morning with my usual nootropics stack (Ltheanine + Vit C + Zinc + Caffeine + Omega 3 + Vit D)

    Modafinil is a great tool to enhance your productivity and in my experience, even my emotional and mental state. Highly recommended if you are into biohacking or even if you just want to try something else aside from coffee in the morning. I highly recommend this page when it comes to all your nootropic needs and supplements. 🙂

  7. Jai Chambers-Ormond (verified owner)

    I recently places an order and was delivered quite speedily. Its been two days taking modafinal and ive never fely better (i also have bi polar ii disorder and adhd) I would highly suggest investing in the following stack that i am using in partnership with modalert. Ahwaganda (reduces anxiety and stress that comes with stimulants), Alphas GPC (a healthy choline source to decrease headaches that may occur for the mod) and also some L-theanine which similar to ashwaganda reduces the anxiety and stress levels that come with mod. I feel calm, alert, able to socialise, no self dount, and just all in all feeling pleasant. idd hightly suggest purchasing from this vendor and will definately be coming back for more once my stock starts running a little low. Thanks for the great service

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