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Fasoracetam 20mg (30 capsules, 30 servings)

Fasoracetam is a non-stimulant nootropic, soluble in water. It is founded by Nippon Shinyaku, a Japanese pharmaceutical in 1990s. This is emerging as a possible therapy for ADHD. This has the potential to combat depression and anxiety. It soothes depression and plunges users into a relaxed yet determined state. Anecdotal evidences state that it may also enhance memory and improve sleep. Fasoracetam seems to affect systems that regulate GABA and glutamate.



How to take Fasoracetam??

  •  *20-50mg per day or 1-2 times of 20mg daily
  • *Works synergistaclly with a Choline source (Alpha GPC, CDP Choline) to remove side effects (e.g. headache)

Stacks well with: Choline sources (Alpha GPC, CDP Choline)


  • Improve memory and cognition
  •  Potential ADHD treatment
  •  Alleviate anxiety and depression
  •  Improve mood, relaxation and calmness
  •  Remove/reduce side effects of Phenibut

Half life: 2 hours


  •  Fasoracetam is metabolized by the kidneys. We recommend to consult a doctor first before taking it if you have impaired kidney function
  •  Fasoracetam minimize the withdrawals/side effects of Phenibut


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  1. RjD

    I have tried alot of racetams before and so far this is the only racetam that have truly worked on me, I’m taking taking it together with Choline and from my experience it gives me a weird kind of buzz/chill at the first few minutes and all after awhile it somehow improves my mood and somehow put me into a very relaxed state. I highly recommend this nootropic.

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