What is “Nootropic”?

Nootropic comes from the Greek word meaning “to bend or shape the mind”. Nootropics is often called as “smart drugs”. These are compounds that helps to enhance brain function. It also gives your mind an extra boost which may help increasin your productivity at work or at school

How to “stack” Nootropics?

Stacking nootropics is popular among nootropic users. Combining of two or more nootropics taken at a single time is called nootropic stack. Stacking nootropics depend on how your body react to each nootropic. It is always recommended to take each nootropic one at a time before stacking to see which one works for you.

Cycling Nootropics

Taking a cycle with nootropics is often recommended. This is where your body take a rest on taking Nootropics so it will not build tolerance to avoid losing it benefit. Taking a rest in a day for one week is frequently cycle used to get the maximum benefits of the other nootropics.